Rabbits & Hamsters

Rabbit Minding and Hamster Sitters

Rabbit Minding and Hamster Sitters

At Pet Angel Sitters we look after all types of animals. Next to cats and dogs, rabbit minding and hamsters sitting are the next most popular services. They make great family pets and are full of personality and fun.



Rabbit Minding Services

We look after both indoor and outdoor rabbits, both of which have similar needs and pet care requirements. On each visit we can: feed, give treats, refresh the water, clean litter trays, clean cages, add sawdust/hay/new bedding. Open and close cages as required and of course, play with your pets if required.

Talk to us today our Rabbit minding and hamster sitting needs.  We can offer you 20 minutes or 45 minute services depending on your pets need and routine.